Field Guides – Species & Family Specific



Sea Birds and others of the Great Barrier Reef, Australasia, South Pacific and Indian Ocean
Neville Coleman
64 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: BKCSISBGBR ($23)

Part of Neville Coleman’s “World of Water” series, this book provides a visual identification guide to the birds found along Australia’s coastline, islands, and surrounding seas, with information about distribution, habitats, food, habits, distinguishing features, breeding and other characteristics.



A Field Guide to Crustaceans of Australian Waters
Diana Jones & Gary Morgan

2nd edition, 224 pages, colour photographs, soft cover, order code: BK-CS1128 ($45)

This book is a complete guide to Australia’s known crustaceans and incorporates up-to-date information about the life cycles, adaptations and behaviours of Australian crustaceans, including crabs, prawns, lobsters, and many other unusual creatures like sea lice, pill bugs, and their terrestrial and subterranean relatives. This field guide contains hundreds of colour photographs accompanied by informative text and illustrations on biology and ecology.


Crustacea: Guide of the World
Helmut Debelius

320 pages, full colour, hard cover, order code: OE2 ($79)

This guide features shrimps, crabs, lobsters, mantis shrimps and amphipods commonly encountered by snorkellers, divers and reef-walkers around the world. The book features over 1,000 colour photographs, alongside informative text about the biology and behaviour of crustaceans.



Sea Stars & Echinoderms of The Asia / Indo-Pacific
Neville Coleman
136 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: BKNC13 ($66)

The first comprehensive identification guide to echinoderms of the Asia / Indo-Pacific region, this book contains more than 1,250 colour photographs of sea stars, brittle stars, feather stars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers of both tropical and temperate seas.


Sea Urchins of Australia and the Indo-Pacific
Ashley Miskelly

179 pages, colour photographs, soft cover, order code: CSI35 ($59)

 The first full colour field guide to 86 of Australia’s and the Indo-Pacific’s 220 known species of sea urchins. This reference guide covers species most likely to be found in shallow waters, and makes an ideal guide for keen beachcombers, reef-walkers, snorkellers and divers.



Australian Marine Fish: A Natural History
Neville Coleman

64 pages, colour photographs, soft cover, order code: BKNC3 ($15)

Illustrated by colour photographs and diagrams, this book explores the biology and ecology of marine fish in Australia, covering everything from physiology, movement, senses, colour, diversity, camouflage, defence, and major habitats, this book offers a fascinating insight into the lives of fish (it is not intended as an identification guide).


Australian Fish Behaviour
Neville Coleman
64 pages, colour photographs, soft cover, order code: BKNC7 ($18)

This book explores the ecology of marine fish in Australia, covering all aspects of interactions with the reef environment and other inhabitants, including territoriality, feeding habitats, mating, and relationships (e.g. commensalism, symbiosis, mutualism, etc). It provides a unqiue insight into fish behaviour (it is not intended as an identification guide).


Coral Fish
Linda Pitkin
112 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: BK-CSICFLS ($35)

Part of the British Natural History Museum’s “Life Series”, this book explores the varied lifestyles of coral reef fish. Illustrated with over 100 award-winning photos, Linda describes the means by which fish find food and shelter on the reef, interact with other species and their enviornment, and develop unusual partnerships. The book provides a fascinating insight into the complex lives of coral reef fish and is not intended to be an identification guide.


Nudibranchs & Flatworms  

Marine Flatworms: The World of Polyclads
Leslie Newman & Lester Cannon
97 pages, colour photographs, soft cover, order code: BKCS126 ($40)

This book, a finalist in the Eureka Science Book Prize 2003, provides a fascinating introduction to the colourful and intriguing world of marine flatworms. Despite their resemblance to nudibranchs, flatworms are not molluscs, and this book explores their unusual structure, colours and feeding habits, revealing their their curious reproductive behaviour and astonishing mimicry. Part field guide, part reference text, this book contains more than 300 colour photographs from all over the world.


Nudibranchs and Sea Snails: Indo-Pacific Field Guide
Helmut Debelius
320 pages, full colour, hard cover, order code: BKOE1 ($89)

A book for the enquiring diver with over 1,000 images of living subjects in their natural habitats, captured by the world’s top underwater photographers. Readers will find notes on the biology and ecology of the different orders and families of nudibranchs and snails.


Nudibranchs Encyclopedia: Catalogue of Asia / Indo-Pacific Sea Slugs
Neville Coleman
416 pages, full colour, hard cover, order code: BKNC10 ($99)

The most comprehensive visual identification guide for Nudibranchs in the Asia / Indo-Pacific region, this book contains over 3,000 colour images and has been designed as a reference guide for divers, snorkellers, reef walkers and students., with additional notes on biology, ecology and habitats. Signed by the author!


Nudibranch Behaviour
David W. Behrens with photographs by Constantinos Petrinos & Carine Schrurs
176 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: BKOE4 ($69)

Nudibranchs are among the most beautiful creatures on the reef, with colours and shapes that dazzle and delight. This book unravels the mysterious world of nudibranchs – what they eat, how they reproduce, how they interact with other animals, and the ways they protect themselves, etc. You’ll never look at nudibranchs the same way again! 


Other Molluscs

2002 Sea Shells: Catalogue of Indo-Pacific Mollusca
Neville Coleman
144 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: NC2002 ($65)

The most comprehensive field guide to molluscs of the Indo-Pacific region, featuring over 2,200 colour photographs including 430 photos of cowries. The book is colour-coded by habitat (mud & mangrove / rocky reefs / coral reefs / sand, rubble & seagrass) with brief notes on biology and ecology.


Shells Alive! Natural History
Neville Coleman

94 pages, colour photographs, hard cover, order code: NC5 (12)

An older but highly informative book exposing the secret lives of living molluscs – how they build their shells, move about, reproduce, hunt their prey and consume it. With over 140 photographs to illustrate the behaviour and diversity of molluscs (mainly shells, but there is also a chapter on cephalopods), this book is intended as an insight into the  lives of these animals rather than as an identification guide.



Michael Bright
112 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: BK-CSISLS ($34)

Part of the British Natural History Museum’s “Life Series” this book reveals sharks to be more than just mindless killing machines. Drawing on research from all over the world, and illustrated by photographs and diagrams, this book discusses shark evolution and biology, great whites and other well-known species, deep-sea oddities, and the relationship between sharks and humans, from shark attacks to overfishing, and the challenges of shark conservation. This book is intended as an insight into the lives of sharks rather than an identification guide.


Sharks and Rays: Elasmobranch Guide of the World
Ralf M. Hennemann
305 pages, full colour, hard cover, order code: BKOES ($89)

This guide covers about 250 species of Sharks and Rays, all illustrated with stunning photographs.  The focus of species selection is on those sharks and rays inhabiting shallow water, which makes it an indispensible guide for divers and visitors to public aquaria.  In addition to notes on shark biology and ecology, the book also includes some little known species and fossil forms and discussion on man’s relationship with sharks, and threats to their future survival.


Venomous & Dangerous Marine Life

Dangerous Sea Creatures
Neville Coleman
96 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: BK-NC8 ($29)

Humans are not natural prey for marine creatures, but there are some that can cause us harm. This well laid-out, easy-to-use guide is designed to educate us about the potential damage our marine counterparts can unintentionally inflict on us. It lists the common and scientific names, distribution, habitat, natural history, biology, size, possible hazards, precautions and first aid management for most dangerous marine creatures.


Venomous & Toxic Marine Life of the World
Patricia Cunningham & Paul Goetz
152 pages, colour photographs, soft cover, order code: BKPGVTL ($49)

Thie combination field guide and first aid guide shows you how best to avoid venomous and toxic marine animals, and if necessary, treat those stings, bites, and punctures from unfortunate encounters. The guide includes comprehensive descriptions of hazardous marine species, colour photos for identification, and first aid information.


Whales & Dolphins 

Humpback Whales: out of the blue 
Mark Simmons
24 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: EPA1 ($14)

Colour photographs and easy-to-read text take you into the watery world of these extraordinary mammals, capturing on paper the unique thrill of getting close to humpback whales. Follow their migration, find out why they sing, witness a mother caring for her calf, males competing for dominance, and find out how they lift their giant bodies out of the water in amazing leaps and dives.


Whales & Dolphins: Cetacean World Guide
Ralf Kiefner
305 pages, full colour, hard cover, order code: BKOE23 ($79)

Whales and dolphins have captivated humans since the days of antiquity. If anything, this fascination has only grown in our times.  Encounters with whales and dolphins in their natural environment rank amongst the most exciting and memorable experiences that modern tourism has to offer.  This book provides the reader with practical aids for the identification of all 79 cetacean species and observation of these gentle giants and playful inhabitants of the ocean.  Entertaining feature stories describe their habits and unique capabilities in vivid detail.


In addition to these species / family-specific field guides, you may wish to take a look at the list of general field guides.


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