Specialist Reference Texts


A Guide to Angelfishes and Butterflyfishes
Gerald R. Allen, Roger Steene & Mark Allen
250 pages, colour photographs, hard cover, order code: BK-CS19 ($69)

This handsome volume is designed exclusively for divers and aquarium hobbyists. Covering all of the world’s species – 83 angelfishes and 121 butterflyfishes, it is the first comprehensive guide to these popular families. Few other fishes are so intimately related to the coral environment, and none exhibit such a remarkable array of dazzling colour patterns. Every species is illustrated in full colour, with extra photographs provided for the very different juvenile and sexually dimorphic forms of some angelfishes. This valuable reference contains a wealth of information pertaining to the behaviour, life history, distribution, and aquarium maintenance of these remarkable fishes.


Angelfishes: A Comprehensive Guide to Pomacanthidae
H. Debelius, H. Tanaka & R. H. Kuiter
208 pages, full colour, hard cover, order code: BK-OEANG ($89)

Amongst aquarium reef-fishes, few could compete with the beauty of angelfishes. Many species remain small in size, around the 10 cm mark, and combined with their beauty and often rarity, are highly sought after by the aquarium trade.  At present, 8 genera and at least 88 species of angelfish are known, some still undescribed, and all are included in this book with stunning colour photographs, including those species that live in deep water. 


Basslets, Hamlets and Their Relatives: A Comprehensive Guide to Selected Serranidae and Plesiopidae
Rudie H. Kuiter
216 pages, full colour, hard cover, order code: BK-OEBAS ($79)

Some of the most colourful reef fishes are small, rarely noticed or extremely secretive. Best known are the fairy basslets, schooling planktivores that may cloud the water above reefs when feeding. Others live in the back of dark caves and disappear with the slightest disturbance. About 60 genera are presented here, covering several hundreds of species, including most species called Bass or Basslets, Hamlets and the related Soapfishes and Seaperch, as well as related familes that include the Grammas, Longfins, Blue Devils, Hulafishes and Scissortails.


Butterflyfishes, Bannerfishes and Their Relatives: A Comprehensive Guide to Chaetodontidae & Microcanthidae
Rudie H. Kuiter
208 pages, full colour, hard cover, order code: BK-OEBB ($89)

Butterflyfish are among the most conspicuous and admired fishes on coral reefs. Their deep disk-like bodies are often boldly coloured and easily catch the eye of a snorkeller or diver as these fish usually swim openly about on the reef. There are about 130 species of butterflyfish distributed across all tropical and subtropical seas.  Most species live at shallow depths, mainly on reef crests and slopes, but some occur on deep outer reef walls and are rarely seen by recreational divers.


Fairy & Rainbow Wrasses and Their Relatives: A Comprehensive Guide to Selected Labroids
Rudie H. Kuiter
208 pages, full colour, hard cover, order code: BK-OEWR ($79)

This book includes detailed information on the families, genera and more than 100 known fairy and rainbow wrasse species of the world.  Illustrated with hundreds of spectacular underwater photographs, it contains information on behaviour, habitats and details of aquarium requirements for the various groups.  There are picture index pages for visual quick-find of genera and a comprehensive index of common and scientific names of families, genera and species. 


Surgeonfishes, Rabbitfishes and Their Relatives: A Comprehensive Guide to Acanthuroidei
Rudie H. Kuiter & Helmut Debelius
208 pages, full colour, hard cover, order code: BK-OE21 ($79)

The acanthuroids comprise several large and important tropical reef fish families which are mostly herbivorous. They include the fishes popularly known as surgeonfishes or tangs, unicorns, sawtails, the Moorish Idol, and rabbitfishes.  This 208 page book includes detailed information on families, genera and more than 100 known species of the world. Illustrated with hundreds of spectacular underwater photographs and containing information on behaviour, habitats and details of aquarium set ups for the various groups. Picture index pages and a comprehensive index ensure information is quick and easy to find. 


World Atlas of Marine Fishes
Rudie H. Kuiter and Helmut DeBelius
720 pages, full colour, hard cover, order code: BK-OEKO ($150)

With more than 6,000 photographs covering 4,200 species of marine fish, primarily taken in their natural habitat, this book sets new standards for fish classification.  Represented in this Atlas are all the fishes that a scuba diver or snorkeller may encounter on the reef, or that are commonly sold in the aquarist market.  Most of the species depicted here originate from the shallow reefs of the tropical seas, with the greatest variety stemming from the Southeast Asian region.  But there are also magnificent creatures to be found in more temperate waters and therefore, this Atlas depicts a hitherto unparalleled number of fish that live in the coral or rocky reefs of both tropical and temperate seas, as well as a number of “visiting” high-seas predators.


Freshwater Fish & Macro-Invertebrates

Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Australia
Gerald R. Allen, S.H. Midgley & Mark Allen
410 pages, colour photographs, soft cover, order code & price: TBA

From tiny gobies to the giant barramundi, this compact volume provides in-depth coverage of nearly 300 species – every fish known to inhabit freshwater on the Australian continent. Every species is illustrated in full colour, with additional hints for rapid identification and a concise summary of biological knowledge. Each species has a colour image, distribution map, details on general features and identification as well as habitat and status information. This handsome volume is an essential reference for scientists, aquarists, fisherman, and every person who appreciates Australia’s extraordinary natural heritage.


Freshwater Fishes of North-Eastern Australia
Brad Pusey, Mark Kennard & Angela Arthington
680 pages, black & white, hard cover, order code: BK-CODEN ($45)

This book provides details about the ecology, systematics, biogeography and management of 79 species of native freshwater fish present in north-eastern Australia. It includes detailed information about their identification, evolutionary history, breeding biology, feeding, ecology, movement patterns, macro-, meso-, and micro-habitat use, water quality tolerances, conservation status and threats, and environmental flow and management needs. Drawing on extensive research and including a comprehensive bibliography, it is designed to assist environmental practitioners and managers to make informed decisions about future management actions.


The Waterbug Book
John Gooderham & Edward Tsyrlin
232 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: BK-CODEN ($40)

Freshwater macroinvertebrates provide a useful and reliable indicator of the health of our rivers, streams, ponds and wetlands. This book is a comprehensive and accurate identification guide to the macroinvertebrates of Australia’s temperate freshwater ecosystems. It provides a wealth of basic information on the biology of macroinvertebrates, and describes the signal method for assessing river health.  The book is full of practical tips about where to find various animals and what their presence indicates about their environment. An easy-to-use key to all macroinvertebrate groups, and high quality coloured photographs of live specimens, are included.  The book is an invaluable reference for students, amateur naturalists and fly fishing enthusiasts, as well as professional environmental scientists, and would prove especially useful to those conducting water monitoring projects.


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