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Ribbons of Life
In-Depth Video Productions
40 minutes, Multi-region DVD, order code: DV ROL ($30)

The Ribbon Reefs and Coral Sea  are outstanding sections of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. In this beautifully compiled presentation, Rob Cooke and brothers Terry and Mark Geddes share the best of their work captured over 15 years of underwater exploration. The entrancing world of the reef by day and night is accompanied by music from award-winning composer Murdo McRae. There is no spoken commentary but subtitles are available in English and Japanese. This is the DVD we show at Reef Teach while people are arriving for our presentation.

Secrets of the Great Barrier Reef
YNR Marketing & Ocean Planet Images
DVD, order code: DV-SGBR ($35)

Shot in vivid high definition, this journey on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef reveals the secrets of how animals utilize special effects to increase their odds of survival on the coral reef. Witness the extraordinary colours and patterns of the amazing life forms inhabiting this jewel of the natural world. Cinematography by Ross Isaacs. Narrated by Natasha Beaumont.

Share This World – an underwater sing-along for kids!
YNR Marketing & Ocean Planet Images
DVD, order code: DVSWGBR ($30)

 What do you get when you combine the award winning family sing-along songs of Jim Rule with some of the most colourful creatures in the sea? Something that’s been called one of the most fascinating and entertaining underwater adventures ever produced! Join the makers as they explore a hidden world under the sea with all its treasures and mysteries. You and your children will want to watch it again and again! Cinematography by Ross Isaacs.


Dreams from a Rainbow Sea – a music documentary
An OceanNEnvironment Production by Michael Aw & Leandro Blanco with music by Miguel Zelada
Video in NTSC format, order code: VID-DFRS ($TBC)

This video is a collaboration between two award-winning artists of the sea. This music documentary depicts vivid images from nature’s richest realm, alongside though-provoking evidence of man’s exploitation of endangered marine species. The scenes are played to the sound of the sea and music from new age, rock, and reggae roots. “The imagery is so beautifully captured and synchronised to the music, it brought tears to my eyes” Anil Dharker, The Times.  


25 Screen saver images with slide show 
Mark Nissen
CD-Roms ($15 each)

  • Sharks, Whales & Manta Rays, order code: R6I2
  • Birds of Northern Australia, order code: R6I3

Neville Coleman’s World of Water IBooks
Neville Coleman & Project Aware

These CD-Rom resources can be downloaded to your iPod via your PC in order to provide “instant ID on your pocket PC!” for hundreds of marine species. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around a pile of heavy field guides!

  • Coral Reef Fish, order code: BK NCCDCRF ($42)
  • Coral Reef Life, order code: BK NCCDCRL ($42)
  • Nudibranchs, order code: BK NCCDN ($31)

Tropical Pacific Invertebrates
Patrick L. Colin & Charles Arneson
CD-Rom, order code: CSI CDI ($30)

A field guide to the marine invertebrates (including ascidians, sponges, cnidarians, ctenophores, crustaceans, echinoderms, lophophorates, molluscs, and worms) occurring on tropical Pacific coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangroves. This CD-Rom contaisn the entire contents of a 300 page printed book in PDF format, including over 1450 colour photographs with the addition of maps, video clips and a slide show complete with music. Index linking and keyword searching make this an invaluable tool for divers, snorkellers, underwater photographers, marine aquarists and scientists.

DVDs, videos and CD-Roms are available for sale at Reef Teach at the prices listed above, but may also be ordered by phone, fax or email. Please contact us for a quote including postage and packing.

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