Books for Children and Young Adults

Books for Young Children


Finding Nemo Sticker Fun Book
Sue Behrent for Disney Pixar
20 pages, colour stickers, soft cover stapled, order code: BK-PNG6 ($7)

Readers can travel to the undersea world of Nemo with this fun sticker book that contains full colour stickers of your favourite characters, along with puzzles, dot-to-dots, mazes, crosswords and pictures to colour-in.


Steve Parish Kids – Animal Story Books
Steve Parish & Rebecca Johnson
24 pages, full colour, soft cover stapled ($5 each)

  • Dolphin’s Rescue (order code: BK-SPP27)
  • Turtle Tricks (order code: BK-SPP???)
  • Clever Clownfish (order code: BK-SPPCC)

Our favourite Australian marine animals embark on page-turning adventures in these best-selling story books. Written by Rebecca Johnson (who is also a teacher, mother and wildlife carer) and based on the 52 virtues, including caring, honesty, forgiveness and unity, these story books are specifically designed for young readers. Steve Parish’s wonderful photographs beautifully illustrate these engaging stories.


Steve Parish KIDS – Fact Files
Steve Parish
64 pages, full colour, soft cover ($11 each) 

  • Australian Sea Critters (order code: BK-SPASC)
  • Australian Sea Fishes (order code: BK-SPASF)
  • Australian Sea Mammals (order code: BK-SPASM)
  • Australian Sharks & Rays (order code: BK-SPASAR) 

Children can have all the facts at their fingertips with the Steve Parish Fact File collection! Expert authors have compiled the most up-to-date facts and figures to provide a detailed overview of Australia’s most interesting marine life. Packed with detailed animal profiles and full-colour photographs to help children discover more about Australia’s underwater wildlife. These simple-to-understand, well-designed Fact Files are perfect for school project work.


Steve Parish KIDS – First Encyclopedia of Australian Wildlife
Steve Parish & Pat Slater
160 pages, colour photographs, soft cover, order code: BK-SPFEAW ($25)

For young children interested in reading or wildlife, this book, packed with Steve Parish’s colourful photographs and simple, informative text by award-winning natural history writer, Pat Slater, is an ideal introduction to Australian creatures (of the land and sea) and their habitats.


Steve Parish KIDS – Activity Book: Australian Sealife
Steve Parish
24 fold-out pages, colour photographs, soft cover, order code: SP-F-O ($4)

This fun-fold-out activity book includes colour photographs, dot-to-dot activities, mazes, puzzles and pictures to colour-in.


Steve Parish KIDS – Junior Encyclopedia of Australian Sealife
Steve Parish & Kylie Currey
160 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: BK-SPJEAS ($30) 

The most up-to-date junior reference text on Australia’s wealth of underwater life – a must for the home library! The book partners superb photography with informative, easy-to-read text that introduces children and adults to Australia’s fascinating sealife. All major groups of marine animals are covered. Find out about the tricks fish use to escape predators; what the largest fish in the world eats; which fish uses “headlights” to find its prey; why sea snakes can hold their breath for so long; which animals look like plants; and which animals must stand on their heads to start growing! 



Books for Older Children


Amazing Facts about Australian Marine Life
Steve Parish & Pat Slater
80 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: BK-SPGSM ($15)

Discover the facts that make Australia’s marine life so unique, diverse and interesting! Aimed at children 11 years and over, this book is full of colour photographs, diagrams and easy-to-read facts by photographer Steve Parish and natural history writer Pat Slater about Australian marine life, including fish, shells, plants, corals, turtles, sharks, seabirds and more! An excellent reference for children with an interest in the sea and all the things that live in it!  


The Dugong Meadow
Naomi Mairou
30 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: TDP1 ($15)

 The Dugong Meadow is a beautifully illustrated book for 7-10 year olds. This cautionary tale highlights the damage done by trawler fishing to marine ecosystems and to the animals that are unintentionally caught in those nets, like the gentle dugong.


First Field Guide to Australian Marine Life
Steve Parish & by Cath Jones
56 pages, colour photographs, soft cover stapled, order code: BK-SPP7 ($6)

Discover how to identify Australian marine life with confidence. This user-friendly pocket-sized field guide includes useful notes and tips for budding naturalists on finding and identifying marine life and recording successful sightings. Simple text describes about 50 species with superb photographs and illustrations.


Teenagers & Young Adults


Amazing Facts about Australian Marine Fishes order code: BK-SP23 ($20)
Amazing Facts about Australian Marine Life order code: BK-SP22 ($20)
Tony Ayling & Steve Parish
80 pages, full colour, soft cover

Packed with full-colour photographs and diagrams, these award-winning books are an excellent resource on Australian marine life and fishes. Steve Parish’s excellent photographs accompany informative and easy-to-read text by Dr Tony Ayling. Organised into family groups that follow accepted scientific classification, these books are crammed full of amazing facts about the biology, ecology, behaviour and conservation of marine life. Aimed at teenagers and young adults (and an ideal reference for school projects) these books make fascinating reading for people of all ages with an interest in fish and other marine life.


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