School, University and Study Group Programs

Do you want to organize a reef education program or excursion for your students?

Reef Teach has been running school, university and study group marine programs for many years. Our Great Barrier Reef ecology programs may be of interest to local or international student groups wanting to incorporate some marine training, reef activities and research into their curriculums.

Programs have varied from private two hour Reef Teach shows to custom-developed, half, full, or even multi-day programs in the classroom or out on the Great Barrier Reef. Some programs have even lasted a week to incorporate a series of lectures, field work activities and individual research projects. 

Depending on the group’s specific requirements (e.g. age level, English language ability, special interest/knowledge), Reef Teach can be flexible in offering the services you require, including: lectures, day trips, guided snorkeling tours, special educational material, research projects or overnight field/research leader. We would be happy to assist you and your students wherever needed.

We can cater from Primary right through to Tertiary level students, and may even be able to provide reef education for study groups from a CELTA-qualified English Language Teacher (subject to availability).

Reef Teach staff are also qualified and experienced in wider aspects of ecology and conservation, and with sufficient notice it may be possible to cover other environmental issues. For example: An Introduction to Tropical Rainforests, Climate Change in North Queensland (including impacts on the reef, rainforest, savannah, and local communities), Wildlife of Northern Australia, and other conservation and natural resource management issues.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Price on application.

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