Underwater Photography Exhibition

Xanthe Rivett is holding an exhibition of underwater images of North Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. 

WHEN: Friday 17 to Sundy 26th September. Open 12-8pm daily. Opening night 6-8pm.

WHERE: HUGS Art Space, 70 Abbott Street, Cairns (opposite the Cairns Library)

For more information contact xanthe@xantherivett.com or phone 0406-331214.

Inspired? The Reef Teach presentation includes a few basic tips on underwater photography for first-timers, or drop into Digital Diver, our sister company (click on the Underwater Photography link under Handy Links in the sidebar) for all your underwater photographic needs.


Having a whale of a time!

2010 is proving to be a good year for whales! Not only has the International Whaling Commission (IWC) just prevented a resumption of commercial whaling, despite the best efforts of whaling nations to lift the ban, but there have also been a lot of whale sightings along the Great Barrier Reef this year! Minke researchers are calling it one of the best seasons they’ve ever had!

Have you seen a minke whale? Did you take a photo or video of it? If you did, Susan Sobtzick, a.k.a. “Minke Girl”, a PhD student at James Cook University, would love a copy for her photo identification project. Download the information sheet  “How you can help identifying dwarf minke whales” (PDF file) for all the details or email your photos to Susan.Sobtzick@jcu.edu.au with the date, time and location of the whale interaction (the name of the boat, the reef you were at, the GPS location if possible – you can get this from the skipper). Everything’s helpful! Continue reading

36th World Festival of Underwater Films

Winning films from the 36th Underwater Film Festival – held in Marseille, France – are coming to Cairns on Saturday 7th August AND Sunday 8th August from 7:30pm at the Cairns Civic Theatre, Florence Street.

The full programme has not yet been finalised but will include eight winning films from the festival and a selection of short movies by local talent as well. Watch this space for further info – we’ll keep you posted!

Click here for more information about the World Festival of Underwater Films – si vous parlez français! For details of films from the 36th (2009) Festival, check out the link to Palmarès 2009 in the Festival 2009 section.

Coral Sea Dreaming? Awaken!

Special Event Screening in Cairns on Tuesday 8 June

The Cairns and Far North Environment Centre and Plankton Productions are presenting Coral Sea Dreaming – Awaken in Cairns. In addition to the screening there will be a discussion regarding marine threats held by David Hannan and prominent marine experts.

Where: Tanks Art Centre, Collins Avenue, Cairns
When: Tuesday 8 June at 7pm
Tickets: on the door $15 and $10 concession
Contact: (07) 4032 1746 or download the flyer.

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What a Load of Garbage!

If you’ve been to the Reef Teach show, you’ll know a bit about the impact of plastic and other garbage on marine life. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, but it does photodegrade, breaking down into smaller and smaller, but just as toxic particles, which are consumed by marine life mistaking it for food. The United Nations Environment Programme estimates it is killing more than a million seabirds, and over 100,000 other marine animals (including sharks, dolphins, whales and sea turtles) every year, and that there are on average 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square kilometre of the world’s oceans! Continue reading

The Great Escape

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May we present one of the most intelligent animals on the planet… the OCTOPUS! These amazing molluscs are remarkable escape artists: capable of changing their colour and texture and squeezing into the smallest gaps to camofluage themselves; squirting ink into the face of potential predators to mask themselves and their scent while they make their escape. They are capable of recognising colours and shapes, working out problems, finding their way through mazes, and even remembering a sequence of events… and now scientists have recorded octopii using coconut shells as tools! They are truly extraordinary animals! Read the story and watch the video by clicking on the photo.

The Acid Test

When you think about the impact of climate change on the reef, you probably think about coral bleaching. Few people have heard about ocean acidification, but for many marine scientists this is an even more worrying issue… just harder to explain because you can’t see the impacts as easily as you can see bleached coral.

However, Acid Test, a new documentary starring Sigourney Weaver, produced by the National Resources Defence Council (NRDC) explains ocean acidification in terms we can all understand.

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