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Don’t take our word for it about how entertaining and information the Reef Teach presentation is… here’s what other people have to say about us! Feel free to add your own comment if you’ve been to see the show!

“A must for interested people” ~ Lonely Planet

“An excellent way to learn about the reef” ~ Rough Guide

“Superb… this is the most worthwhile thing you can do in Cairns” ~ Lets Go

A great way to learn more about the Great Barrier Reef before heading out
~ The Cairns Post

In preparation for a dive-trip to the Great Barrier Reef, I visited Reef Teach, for a very entertaining, informative, passionate and enthusiastic talk about the reef […]. It was well worth the few dollars and was a great way to learn about what you will be seeing while at the reef.” ~ Lee Morton in Globe Trekker


Reef Teach is also on Facebook… so why come and like “Reef Teach, Cairns, Australia”?!  We’d love you to share your photos and memories of the reef with everyone, or just come and have a look to see what people say about us!


7 Responses

  1. I am a Dive Instructor and wanted to get my non-diving partner excited about the reef and fish. Mission accomplished! Reef Teach is a very interesting and entertaining way to learn about the underwater world. Even I still learned new things! And I will definately pass a few of them on to my students!
    However, I wish the lecturer would have gone into a bit more detail about reef conservation, and less about playing with and touching marine animals. Other than that, great job!!

    • Thanks Conni! I tend to stress conservation and NOT touching a lot because that’s my background (so I’m guessing it wasn’t a night I was working!) – but each presenter does things a little bit differently. I will pass on your comments to the other presenters and make sure they get the message. Thanks again.
      – Director

  2. I really really enjoyed this presentation. It was exactly what I was looking for to learn about the inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef. Thank you.

  3. The Rough Guide mentioned Reef Teach and we decided to give it a try. And worthwhile it was!
    I enjoyed every minute of it, though I was not planning to go snorkelling or diving myself. The rest of the family went on a snorkelling tour the day after and they really felt that it added a lot to the experience. As my daughter said: ‘I really felt that I could take time to enjoy everything and didn’t feel the need anymore to rush around like an excited puppy – and that way I saw so much more!’
    So, to everyone who is visiting the Reef: go to Reef Teach!

  4. I had been to the reef snorkelling and diving plenty of times before i went to Reef Teach. When i finally made it to Reef Teach, i went to the reef again the following day and i found i had so much more knowledge and interest in what i was seeing. I highly recommend it to enrich your experience at the great barrier reef.


    Reef Teach recently played host to the delightful Curry family on their roadtrip-of-a-lifetime around Australia. The Curry children are now budding marine biologists, and delight in reminding mum that whenever they go to the beach they are walking on parrotfish and “sea zucchini” poo (sorry about that)! If you’d like to find out what they had to say about us, or follow them on their journey, take a look at:


    And to learn more about poo (and many other fascinating topics) … follow in their footsteps and come to Reef Teach!

  6. I first saw the show the night before a dive trip with a friend. Next day on the boat and in the water all we could talk about was all these fish we saw and instead of calling them those spotty ones or the big shiny things, we actually knew what we were talking about! You learn so much in such a small amount of time and feel good for knowing more about our precious reef. If you are a diver, snorkeler or even just a spectator; reef teach is a must – turn an ordinary swim in the ocean into something far more rewarding!

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